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Komatsu and L&T: Training Excellence in Heavy Machinery

Komatsu and L&T: Training Excellence in Heavy Machinery Asia’s Innovation Showcase Unveiling Advanced Techniques Contest In a bustling metropolis like Bangkok, amidst the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, lies a haven of innovation and skill development – the Komatsu Asia Training and Demonstration Center (ATDC). This premier facility, nestled in the heart of Thailand, stands […]

Compactors: Tandem Compactor

Compactors: Tandem Compactor Introducing the L&T 990HFi Tandem Compactor Revolutionizing Road Construction Efficiency, reliability, and precision are paramount in road Construction. Enter the L&T 990HFi Tandem Compactor, a groundbreaking innovation in compaction machinery. This state-of-the-art compactor is engineered to streamline road construction processes, ensuring durability and performance on every project. L&T 990HFi Tandem Compactor is […]

World Environment day

World Environment Day Sustainable Practices in Construction and Mining A Commitment on World Environment Day As we commemorate World Environment Day, it is imperative to reflect on the profound impact of industries like Construction and Mining on our planet. While these sectors are crucial for infrastructure development and resource extraction, they also significantly contribute to […]

Excavator Business Roadmap

Excavator Business Roadmap India is set to overtake China in the CE Market, an opportunity to invest. India, the third-largest global Construction Equipment (CE) market, is set to become the second-largest by 2030, with demand expected to triple from FY 2019. Recent infrastructure investments and budget announcements are driving growth, benefiting industry stakeholders. Entering the […]

Road Roller of India

Road Roller of India L&T 1190 Soil Compactor transforming soil compaction The L&T 1190 Soil Compactor is a powerful 11-ton single-drum Compactor designed to revolutionise soil compaction in Construction and Infrastructure projects. In this blog, we’ll take you through this robust machine’s features, capabilities, and benefits, highlighting how it reshapes the landscape of compaction efficiency […]

Sustainable development in Construction and Mining

Sustainable development in Construction and Mining Driving Sustainability and Zero Emissions in Construction and Mining Machinery In today’s world, the imperative for sustainable practices and zero emissions in heavy construction and mining machinery is more urgent than ever. Companies are increasingly recognising the need to mitigate climate change impacts, and the heavy machinery sector is […]