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Women Empowerment in Construction & Mining

Women Empowerment in Construction & Mining Empowering Women in Construction & Mining, Enabling Equality In today’s fast-paced world, it’s essential for people to constantly improve their knowledge and skills to meet the demands of life. Recognising and nurturing these skills is crucial for individuals to secure job opportunities and improve their quality of life. To […]

Safe Excavation Techniques for Excavators

Safe Excavation Techniques for Hydraulic Excavators Safe excavation techniques for hydraulic excavators involve following specific guidelines and procedures to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. Here are some safe excavation techniques to keep in mind when operating a hydraulic excavator: ยท         Plan the excavation: Planning the work carefully before starting the excavation is essential. This […]

Surface Miners

Surface Miners Has the arduous process of drilling and blasting left you seeking a greener, simpler solution for mining? Well, you’re in luck! With L&T’s Surface Miners, mining operations have evolved to become not just more efficient but also kinder to the environment.   L&T started manufacturing Surface Miners in India way back in 2004. […]


Crushers Introduction: Crushing rocks is a common everyday activity for various uses, but achieving the desired size and achieving it with efficiency can be challenging. That’s where Crushers come into play. In this blog, we will delve into the world of rock breaking and explore how L&T Crushers have become pioneers in the industry, providing […]

Hydraulic Excavator working principle

Hydraulic Excavator working principle Have you ever wondered how a hydraulic excavator works? It’s like a giant metal arm with joints, muscles, and a brain. Let me demystify the hydraulic system of a hydraulic excavator for you. Think of the arm of a hydraulic excavator as if it were your arm. Like ours, it has joints that […]

6 Reasons to choose Komatsu’s Hydraulic Excavator PC205-10MO

6 Reasons to choose Komatsu’s Hydraulic Excavator PC205-10MO As the construction industry continues to evolve, innovation in machinery has become an essential factor in boosting efficiency and productivity. Komatsu, the leading construction equipment manufacturer and L&T Construction & Mining Machinery, has launched a new masterpiece to revolutionise the industry. The PC205-10M0, the Earth Master, launched […]