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In Service Lies Success - at L&T!

This age-old maxim is true even today. It continually strengthens our commitment to provide the customers exemplary service and walk the extra mile. L&T offers a range of value-added services which benefit the customers in maximizing productivity.

Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis (KOWA)

Analyzing engine oil and other fluids is the best way to look inside a machine's engine and powertrain to identify trends and make decisions for overhauling.

KOWA uses reputed and independent laboratories across India to provide accurate condition of your equipment. It allows to pinpoint and resolve issues by providing authentic information on lubricants and machines.

Komatsu Undercarriage Inspection (KUC)

Detailed inspection is carried out and measurements taken with specialized tools for critical components of Undercarriage. Inspection results are analyzed against the wear criteria to provide recommendation.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Inspection

Overall inspection is carried out for critical parameters which provide useful information on the machine health. Analyzing the report, L&T team provides operational and maintenance recommendation.

Comprehensive Solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions like

  • Full Maintenance Contract

  • Site Support Agreement

  • Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Customized Service


  • Guaranteed availability of equipment

  • Improved machine performance

  • Maximizing equipment reliability

  • Skilled service engineers

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Production optimization through sustained operator training.