Hydraulic Excavators

Construction Hydraulic Excavators

In the Construction segment, applications are tough and varied – road construction, land development, trench digging, aggregate loading, blue metal quarry, material handling, irrigation, desilting, pipelaying etc. Specialized applications include rock breaking, tunneling, slag handling, sand mining etc. L&T promotes a wide range of CE from Komatsu — Hydraulic Excavators

Mining Hydraulic Excavators

To mine and move large volumes of overburden and minerals from the opencast mining projects, high-capacity machines and cutting-edge technology are imperative. L&T is the preferred partner to provide might and muscle to the mega mining projects in coal, limestone, iron ore, zinc, bauxite etc. L&T sources the best Mining Hydraulic Excavators from Komatsu’s plants world-wide to offer machines that are powerful, cost-effective and have advanced features, to ensure high productivity and cost effectiveness