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Short takes from our CRS team on happenings around our campuses.

Role Model Inspires community

From giving, springs growth, and shakti's story is a case in a point. Shakti lives in a low-income community in the vicinity of a triable pocket in Mumbai's sprawling suburb of Powai.She had limited access to education and exposure to the world in general. Yet, she managed to develop a sense of empowerment and self-confidence. Here's how.

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All L&T Campus Achieve Water Positive Status

Water positive status is conferred upon a manufacturing location only when the amount of water withdrawn for industrial usage is less than the amount of water given back to society and nature. We at L&T have always recognized water stewardship as a key driver for a sustainable business, and have a constructed water harvesting structures

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There cannot be an India for the rich, and another India for the rest. Unity between extremes is inherently fragile, and even if it were to hold, would be unacceptable to any organization with a social conscience

~ A. M. Naik, Group Chairman


Building India's Social Infrastructure - Our Goals & Activities

Focusing on many social challengesin the communities, we propose to work towords the following outcomes from our social infrastructure programmes, based on need assessment and feasibility.

Water & Sanitation

Ensuring availability of safe drinking water and water for agriculture, constructing and ensuring use of toilets, and electrification of villages(off-grid renewables).


Improved access to education (increased enrollment in pre-school, children attending neighbourhood schools) and improving quality of learning through bettr school infrastructure and better teaching-learning processes.


Improved access to quality health care, through expanding infrastructure of health centres, increased number of people accessing quality health care.

Skill Building

Through our Construction Skills Training Institute (CSTS). Enhancing employ-ability of youth through increased training capacity, improved infrastructure of skill development centres, as well as vocational training courses for women and physically challenged persons.