Scania Genuine Parts

  • Engine Parts are designed to give long service life
  • Meticulous material selection and optimal surface structure
  • Extensive testing in vehicles and under different operating conditions for Optimum Performance
  • Components meet environmental requirements

Scania Lubricants & Coolants

Scania Genuine Oil
  • Meets technical requirements of Scania
  • Extensively tested and proven for entire oil change interval
  • Metts tough standards for Optimum Engine, Power Train Performance

Scania Genuine Coolant

  • Anti-freeze property
  • Protection against Boiling & Corrosion all- year round

Scania Genuine Filters

  • High dirt absorption capacity
  • Extensively tested in different Working Condition & Longer Duration
  • Right Selection of Filter Medium
  • High Mechanical Stability
  • High Temperature Resistance

Filter Kits

  • Fast, easy and economical solution
  • Right quantity of filters for scheduled services
  • Economical when compared to prices of individual filters
  • Less downtime of trucks
  • 'S' kit for 500 hrs & 'L' kit for 3000 hrs scheduled service

Brake & Clutch Repair Parts

  • Optimum control of Torque Transfer
  • Extended Service Life
  • Maximum Torque of minimum vibration
  • Clutch kit has been developed to reduce repair cost & increase machine uptime